Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The new episode is online now!

And here it is. You can finally see episode IV The Oblivion's Hotel now.

It has been a hard work since it is a simple episode of transition and the end of the first part of the web series but is simple, I had a hard time finishing it. My Hyperthyroidism also influences, since it does not allow me to concentrate very much.

I also inform you that I was NOT selected to develop six episodes in my other web series Spider in the Night. Unfortunately, it will not be done, but, it will allow me to concentrate on finishing Ligeia and start the creation of another series.

I have sent Ligeia the Vampire to three web fest around the world: the first and biggest one is the web fest in Seoul, South Korea. It would be great to be selected. Asia is the future of the world and it would be incredible to develop a series there in the future, or find distribution.
The second is the web fest of New York: Stareable, which belongs to an online community where I participate from time to time and contains a lot of help for professionals in the field.
The fourth is the Moving Parts Festival, which will be his first version in L.A. California.
This year, my only goal is to be selected, but if anything else resulted from these festivals, I would be quite happy.

Thank you very much for the visits! Watch and share the episode, very soon the number 5 of which I will talk more in another post!

Thank you very much!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Problems with audio.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your continuous (and increasing) visits.
I have not been able to release the new episode because I had some problems with the audio. As I am not an engineer in sound, I have had a lot of problems with the balance of the voices.

If everything goes well, I will premiere next Thursday. Tomorrow I am on Birthday so I will not work on the project.

Stay tuned, soon Episode IV.

Thank you very much for all!

Friday, December 22, 2017

End of the year and horror movies.

Episode 4 is almost done. I did the first editing and I have to correct some things, not much, they are some small details that bother me.
What horror movie have you seen lately? I usually watch classic movies, there's everything to learn. But lately I've been watching films by new authors and the best thing so far has been Insidious (the first film) by James Wan. I liked it a lot, the Direction is very good and the Montage excellent. What do you think? Is there another gem of the last years worth seeing?
Well, I hope you have an excellent end of the year holidays, I will return to the blog when I will post the new episode of Ligeia, titled Oblivion's Hotel.

Thank you very much!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Working looking at 2018

Hi everyone!

I have been working on Ligeia episode IV, which is a transitional episode that will close the first part of the series and we will leave Alex Alamos in a comfortable place while we tell other parts of the story and why Alex is approaching a huge danger.

Yesterday I started with the medicine and my recovery process of Hyperthyroidism. On February 20 I have control, I feel a little better.

I invite you to subscribe to my Youtube channel:

I'm preparing other surprises besides Ligeia. I want to teach how to write series. Yes, you read well. I want to teach what I have learned the last 25 years and create a community around my projects. Your community

Thank you very much!